Covid-19 – resources: what is it and what to do

This includes a variety of local and global resource.
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Find restaurants

Greenfield Savings bank has done a very extensive list of local restaurants.
BUT bank security limits the posting of the list and what you will find on their web site
is a PDF of the listing which has appeared in the Greenfield Recorder.

A more flexible version of the listing is here

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Franklin County “Take one, leave one” egg hunt

Please join us for a community egg hunt!
There will be a map🗺 of participating addresses put together before the event.
Anyone is welcome to join!
This will take place Saturday March 27th 2021 and go from 11am to 3pm!

More on the FB group and a map at:
Map: Google map

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Travel in the time of pandemic

As many of you know, we have been traveling various places in the last few decades. We have written about our travels, as well as some of the museums we visited on our personal blogs. We have shared some of this in town at the senior center at Armchair travel talks. (Some of these are posted at Sharon’s blog)

As our business (now retired) was internet/web services, we took our interests in Art online with cataloging open source art work as well as a TV art wall for the DYI crowd.

This is a good time to share all this with you in one place. Much has been around for quite a while – now you have the time to explore.

And as a traveler once wrote:
“Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” – Novelist Pat Conroy
Or as one of the TV travel host says:
Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer”
Happy Trails and Stay Healthy

Our Sites:
Many of our travels on Sharon’s blog
We Love Museums
ARTONTV – Art Wall devices: to buy or build

Public sites:
Google Virtual Culture and museums project

Other museums to visit

Getting Local Art:
Places you can find art to download and share
DIY Art Wall (built with Rasberry PI)
Over 10,000 images you can download

Other images sources:

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New Library – About and Fund raising


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GCET and Tv alternatives

The essence of using GCET, esp when switching from a cable service like Comcast, is to understand that all services must now come via internet, not a video feed.  This means that any show (or movies, etc) that used to be watched on TV must now be found on an equivalent internet service.  This is simple when watching on a computer, tablet (iPad), or (modern) phone, since they all are directly connected to the internet, via wifi or internet wire.

Tv over the Internet, on your TV screen:
To watch on a TV screen, there needs to be some device that displays the incoming internet service on the TV screen, in short: Internet in, video out.  An important point to realize is that cable TV is always some form of bundle, you are paying for not just the wire, also for the content.  If you switch to GCET then you are on your own to find content, that might mean paying for a subscription to a TV channel.

There are a number of different hardware paths to support internet on a TV screen:

  • Classic internet Streaming devices: Netfix, Roku
  • New streaming devices: SlingTV, Sony Playstation Vue
  • New TV plugins: FireTV, Chromecast, AppleTV
  • Smart TVs: these run aps specific to various channels
  • Advanced internet DVR: Plex 
    these are for DYI folks, who want to control their own TV environments, they usually do not require advanced engineering degrees so long as you are willing to experiement and learn their particulars.

Content, TV channels and more:
Some channels provide fully free internet content (such as CW, Syfi). Others provide such free content only to tablets or phones, and to watch on a tv screen, require a smart TV or TV plugin so you can ‘cast to your TV from your tablet etc device. And some require a subscription to get any content over the internet, the classic networks are mostly like this.  Some of these channels are now posting content on their web site, although not full shows.

There are also pay Internet services that provide TV channels, such as Hulu Plus, AT&T DirecTV Now, YouTube TV.

Major Channels:
(ed: I’ll update this page with channel specifics over time)

  • ABC – You can still watch full episodes one week after they premiere without signing in.
  • NBC – Seems free, not working ??
  • CBS – Need CBS all access, paid (haven’t found price)
  • PBS – Join your local PBS station:  WGBY Springfield
  • FOX – ?? researching, seems paid, only see Cable channel options
  • CW – Free

Free Content sources:

  • check the library – they have arrangements that give you access to various streaming content: Hoopla
  • For something totally different, check out Art on my Tv and We love Museums @ Home  (Disclamer: that’s a blog and service of mine)

More suggestions and ideas at:

Acorn TV | The Best British TV Streaming Online, On-Demand, Commercial Free.
Cord Cutting | Cable & Internet Alternatives | SmartMove
Cord cutting: A beginner's guide | TechHive
Packages from GCET
Streaming TV is about to get very expensive – here's why | Television & radio | The Guardian
fuboTV - Watch & DVR Live Sports & TV Online
10 Best Media Server Software for Linux in 2018
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Sony Crackle - Watch Movies Online, Free TV Shows, & Original Online Series
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TV Guide - North American TV Shows, Movie and Series - USTVnow
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TIDAL · High Fidelity Music Streaming
Roku Products - Streaming Players and Roku TV
Roku® Streaming Stick® | Powerful, portable HD streaming
AMC is launching MoviePass-like subscription service with some great perks - The Verge
Review: The Tivo Bolt will make you forget about cord cutting | The Drum
YouTube TV is the experience Apple promised but failed to deliver - Business Insider
Kanopy - Stream Classic Cinema, Indie Film and Top Documentaries
Cord Cutting 101: A Beginners Guide to Cord Cutting (2018 Edition) - Cord Cutters News
hoopla Digital content
How to Quit Cable for Online Streaming Video, Free Internet TV | Digital Trends
DirecTV Now, Sling TV, Hulu TV: Best Internet TV Channel Deal | Fortune
TickBox TV - Streaming Video System. Cut your Cable Bill Now!
TV Everywhere apps aren't just for cable subscribers | TechHive
Modern Gizmo


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About Trees in Greenfield

Subject: Seven trees to be cut down – Public hearing May 12th
Reply-To: Mary Praus <>

Hi All – As promised, attached is information I have compiled on the trees the DPW has tagged to be cut down. The assessment is based upon my good knowledge of trees (but I am not a licensed arborist).

The most important thing you can do is say “no” either by going to the hearing at 10AM on May 12 OR submit written comments by May 11th to the tree warden at and/or the DPW director at and please copy me. I will be at the hearing and will read or submit your comments if the DPW doesn’t acknowledge them.

The attached info will help inform you about the trees – if you don’t have time to look at it, then you could just write general comments including any of the following:
-that the town needs a dedicated budget for trees
-we should plant more than we take down
-trees lower cooling costs and raise property values
-trees improve water and air quality
-removing a tree should be a last resort.
-public trees are for the common good

Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas. And PLEASE attend the hearing. The DPW will be trying to take down additional trees this year – please let them know this is not okay.

Thanks very much!

Mary Praus

Tree Removal Map and Assessment

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Master Plan published – online soon – How to make it happen ?

More about Master plan

How will Greenfield implement master plan?

By ANITA FRITZ Recorder Staff

GREENFIELD — If the town’s Planning Board approves Greenfield’s new master plan on Feb. 6 — and there’s no reason to think it won’t because its members helped draft the plan — the next step will be to work out how to make the ideas reality.

If adopted, it will become Greenfield’s official guide for development, transportation, schools, housing and many other issues.

Eric Twarog, director of planning and development, said an implementation committee will need to be formed of residents, town leaders and board members.

That committee, he said, could propose new zoning laws, other types of ordinances, changes to permitting and licensing, and possibly even proposing changes in the town charter, which determines how the town’s government works.

Twarog said details about the committee, including how many people will serve on it, who will serve on it and what its charge will be, are to come.

Twarog said someone from the town’s Planning Department will most likely serve on an implementation committee and, he hopes, someone from Town Council.

“We’ll have to see about who else will be on it,” he said.

It has been suggested that Nancy Hazard, co-founder of Greening Greenfield and a member of the advisory committee, should serve on an implementation committee because of her knowledge about sustainability, a guiding theme of the master plan.

“There are a lot of ways residents can begin implementation,” said committee members Susan Worgaftik. “It can be done by all of us, not just the government.”

Some of the suggestions in the new plan include turning the former First National Bank building into a cultural center, the town becoming both a food and cultural hub, and improving public schools to attract out-of-town students.

■ An implementation committee will need to be formed of residents, town leaders and board members. That committee could propose new zoning laws, other types of ordinances, changes to permitting and licensing, and possibly even proposing changes in the town charter, which determines how the town’s government works.

Others include concentrating more on downtown development and redevelopment and preserving the town’s agricultural land and other open space.

While Twarog said the state currently does not require that state and local zoning laws are consistent with its master plan, like many other states do, he said the expectation is that town leaders and boards will follow the new plan.

Twarog, who has worked in planning for about 20 years, said he has worked on many master plans and said Greenfield’s latest is one of the most impressive, especially because of the sustainabilty aspect, which is built into every section.

He said the new plan will be available online by next week. To access the plan, visit: www.townofgreenfield. org.

Twarog said there will eventually be copies of the plan in the Planning Department at 114 Main St., in the town clerk’s office in Town Hall and in the library.

Anyone interested in serving on the plan’s implementation committee should contact Twarog at 413-772-1549 or email him at: erict@greenfield-ma. gov.

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