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Subject: Seven trees to be cut down – Public hearing May 12th
Reply-To: Mary Praus <marypraus@yahoo.com>

Hi All – As promised, attached is information I have compiled on the trees the DPW has tagged to be cut down. The assessment is based upon my good knowledge of trees (but I am not a licensed arborist).

The most important thing you can do is say “no” either by going to the hearing at 10AM on May 12 OR submit written comments by May 11th to the tree warden at paulr@greenfield-ma.gov and/or the DPW director at DonaldO@greenfield-ma.gov and please copy me. I will be at the hearing and will read or submit your comments if the DPW doesn’t acknowledge them.

The attached info will help inform you about the trees – if you don’t have time to look at it, then you could just write general comments including any of the following:
-that the town needs a dedicated budget for trees
-we should plant more than we take down
-trees lower cooling costs and raise property values
-trees improve water and air quality
-removing a tree should be a last resort.
-public trees are for the common good

Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas. And PLEASE attend the hearing. The DPW will be trying to take down additional trees this year – please let them know this is not okay.

Thanks very much!

Mary Praus

Tree Removal Map and Assessment

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